{i like you — a Minneapolis shop}

“Small things for a prettier life.”

On Saturday, my friend Elle and her daughter Olive picked me up and we went on a little Minneapolis adventure. Olive spent the first few minutes asking where Bauer was and why he couldn’t come with. Then she told me he was sad I left him at home. She’s so cute! :] Olive also calls Bauer “Bauer-t” — which I think is darling and I now want to re-name him Bauer-t.

Elle took me to a few places that I’ve never been to, but first we stopped for coffee at Wilde Roast. They had such a great atmosphere… The main seating area looked like a living room with their grand fire place and couches and little tables placed oh-so carefully throughout. I wish I had taken some pics, but I didn’t want to be “that girl” with her phone, so I held back…

Then we trekked on to i like you, this AMAZING handmade gift shop [501 - 1st Ave. NE, Minneapolis]. I want to go back already :]

I found a super cute journal and it’s going to be my “Gussy idea book”. Yay! There are pretty flowers in the corner of each page and the pages alternate between blank & grid. It’s the perfect size to carry around, and also colorful enough that it stands out on my white desk.

Christmas decorations danced around the store. Faux grass takes the place of traditional flooring, and kiddies run around, playing with all the fun and magical gifts. i like you is my new dream gift shop. Inside I saw ~

* organic candles
* wooden MN ornaments
* rosette rings
* zipped pouches
* ornaments
* plush dollies & animals
* clothing for guys & gals
* stationary
* aprons
* art

Guess what else I saw?! [in the "not for the public" area *wink* ] An awesome work room in the back {this is where I faint from love-at-first-sight}! There was SO MUCH craft going on. Work tables and thread and fabric and dress forms and bins and glue, and and and.

We left i like you and I was feeling sooooo inspired.


Our next stop was kind of by accident. We were leaving i like you and Elle saw City Salvage, Architectural Salvage & Antiques [found at 507 - 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis], next door. She had never been so we walked inside :]

You know I asked if they had any vintage sewing machines lying around. They had 2, but they were only the shells of the machine. Sad! After writing this post I now need a sewing machine collection of my own. Hah!

I wish each little collection of vintage-ness had a card telling the store about where it came from. We saw lots of wood furniture — gorgeous wood furniture. Glass cases filled with pretty glass door knobs. Ornaments, books, little dressers/end tables…

It was a happy day. :]

{Holiday Gift Guide recap + discount codes}

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays —

I love the colors of red & silver in our home, and being a shop owner I feel like I’m able to enjoy it for a longer period because I think about it earlier than I used to before I became Gussy {Was that sentence a bit long? Sorry}.

This blog // my biz is a dream-come-true since learning how to sew 2 years ago. I L-O-V-E the interaction it brings into my life and the pretty things I get to make and see. About a month ago, I hosted the Holiday Gift Guide. YEOW, that was a high-traffic day. I knew you’d love the featured shops :]

So many pretties featured in the gift guide, take a look {again} ~

And guess what?!

The following shops are offering discount codes to you all :] Yippee! If you still have some Christmas shopping to do, visit these shops! They have great prices and are all handmade. I love that each shop has a story to how it got started.

* Bonhomie Jewelry — enter code GUSSYGG15 at checkout and save instantly (with Etsy)

* My Girl Thursday — 20% discount with code Gussy20

* Eclectic Whatnot — 15% discount with code HGG15

* Two Little Tots — free button hair-clip with every $15 spent

* Ahmelie — save 10% with code GUSSYSEWS10

* Circleline Studio — save 15% with code Gussy15

* Prairie Blossoms — save 20% off your purchase before shipping. Discount given via Paypal within 24hrs after purchase, type in “Gussy Discount” in message to seller

* Studio JRU — save 10% with code GUSSYSEWS

* Beso Handbags — use code holiday15 to save 15%

* It’s Vann — save 15% off each order with code GUSSY15. Also, receive a FREE pair of mini button earrings (seen here) when you purchase 2+ items

* Back40Life — use code Gussy10 for 10% off

* Allora Handmade — save 15% with code GUSSYROCKS

* Bridget & Lucy — save 20% at checkout with code GUSSY20

All codes are valid Dec. 1 – Dec. 4 at 11:59pm CST

To see each shop on a more individual basis, visit day 1, day 2 and day 3 of the Holiday Gift Guide ♥.

{sew thankful!}

WOWZERS! Yesterday was an insane day, but I loved it!!! :] I feel like I spent the entire day printing your Gussy orders ;] It was so wonderful! We decided to have Jessie to work full-time until we get caught up, but guess what — I’d secretly love if she stayed full time. Wishin’ and a hopin’! And {blush}, all the sales brought Gussy Sews to the front page of the Speciality Stores section // JUMPS UP AND DOWN!!! I’m only a little excited, hah!

[I even spy some of my friends shops!!! yay!]

I decided to consider this Christmas my “first” Christmas for the biz, since last year I still had a day job. I feel like I always I wake up each day and think, I have a lot to do, but then I think, YES! I HAVE A LOT TO DO :] Every hour of the workday slips out of my hand so quickly. I’ve broken down each part of the day and do specific tasks during those times so I’m most productive during each part. But I always find myself pleading with the clock for more time. Not in a bad way, just a “I love this” type of way :]

I guess when you heart something so much, this happens…?

This time last year, we had been in Minneapolis only a few months. There were a lot of, God, WHY are we here? thoughts, but through the passing of time we’re now able to look back and see a bit more of God’s plan for our family/Gussy. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.


My Press page is growing — hooray! I continue to sew ruffles and ya’ll continue to buy ‘em. Sew thankful! Our red plaid wristlet is featured in issue #49 {dated Dec. 6, but on the rack right now} of OK! Magazine ~

One last thing: Remember to enter in the November sponsor feature/giveaway post, found below or click here. ♥ ♥