{R is for Relevant.}

I’m in Pennsylvania ~ yay! And I’ve been up for 12 hours already ~ yay?! ;]

Last night was a great family night. I served baked chicken, homemade mashed potatoes {and apple crisp!} and carrots. It was the perfect family dinner before I had to leave town for a few days. I made sure to get some extra snuggle time with Bauer before bedtime, too…

This morning was an early morning — early, like a 3:19am wake up. My first flight to PA was with Allison and Amy. We were on a huge jet and everything was perfect.

Then, we take our second PA flight into Harrisburg and, umm, we rode in this propeller “thing”:

Yeah. I called Zack once all the flights were over and he immediately said, How is Allison’s hand? Is it purple? I think he just knew… He has husband intuition.

The flight was only 40 minutes {thank you, Jesus, seriously}, but the plane shook and shook and vibrated and turbulanced and dropped a few feet every other minute. Poor Allison. I jabbered the entire flight because I couldn’t not jabber. And she held my hand.

Once she said, Oh look at the trees, they’re so pretty. And I just sat there like, I CAN NOT LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, ARE YOU CRAZY?

I was sweating. And praying — OUT LOUD — for my safety. I think all 40 of us on the flight were praying…

But anyways, the flight was fine, it was just a little bitty plane. And now we’re here, hanging out in our hotel room :] Waiting for everything to start…