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{our new living room rug}

A few weeks ago we ordered a rug for our living room. Zack and I have never lived in an all-hardwood floor house before, so bare floors is definitely new for us. We found a neutral shag rug for our bedroom but were still looking for something in the living room. Until a few weeks ago :]

The rug arrived over the weekend, along with a handful of smaller packages {fabric, yes!}, and Zack put everything in my studio… I went in there late Sunday evening and noticed the giant roll. He had confused the rug “roll” as a roll of home decor fabric :] Hah! {What? This isn’t normal?}

Here’s our new rug — along with some pics of Bauer.

See his mowhawk?


Funny stories:

- I “caught” Bauer under our bed today; He was crawling around under there. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing until I realized he couldn’t see how/where to get out. Our bed skirt is brown and it was dark under there, ha ha!!! Poor puppy.

- My mom told my our nephew Collin {5.5 years old} to come to the computer so they could watch a video of Bauer online. He said, What dot com do we go to?

Do you have nieces/nephews? What cute things do they say that melt your heart?