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{WELCOME! a new look}

{If you’re in a reader, you’re going to want to swing by and see this!}

Yeow! Gussy has a new blog. For the past week or so, my domain has been “on hold” while my new friend Darcy {an IRL friend, thanks to Blissdom} worked her magic. Hello, meet the skillz of Darcy @ Graphically Designing.

And we’re so glad you found this site. Isn’t it perfect? I love it :]

Darcy and I have been working hard to strengthen the Gussy brand. Well, Darcy has been working exceptionally hard. I’ve been busy suggesting ideas and she’s been busy training me in the way I should go. Hah!

So what is new around here?

I’ve got a new navigation bar {located under the blog header} and a fun social media navigation bar {shown below}. I invite you to take a look around — I’m sure everything will become familiar soon enough.

I also have a Disclosure + Privacy Policy page, packed full of truly useful information. I swear on my ruffles that you should read it :]

If you have my blog bookmarked to “http://www.gussysews.com”, then you should be safe. It will bring you here. If you have “http://www.maggiewhitley.blogspot.com” bookmarked, pretty, pretty, pretty please update your link? You’ll make my ruffles very happy.

But I think my Blogspot address is set to re-direct you here automatically. Time will tell, right? Oh! If you have my button on your blog, can you take a minute and update the URL to http://www.gussysews.com?

Maybe you’re wondering why I moved to WordPress? The main reason is because I wanted a better brand for Gussy. But Darcy has the perks typed out, and there’s no need to re-type that again. Click here to read her post. And then get in her queue. And no, that was not a sponsored shout-out. {If you read my Disclosure + Privacy Policy post that made sense.}

Ya’ll have supported my ruffles in such a huge way. Over a year ago I sat down to learn something new, and look at where we’re at: creating a fun brand for Gussy. I love sharing these success updates. So please come back — there are some really exciting things going on and I can’t wait to share.

I’m going to sign-off now — no sense letting the bird out of the cage early. Or cat out of the bag. However you say the saying ;]


PS. Sign up for the Gussy newsletter and receive a discount code for 15% off your order.

{*new* netbook / iPad cases}

Did you know Apple has a new product coming out? It’s the iPad, and it’s coming April 3. I look at this new product like a large {but so lightweight!} version of the iPhone. I bet it’ll be super fun to use!

And if you’ve ordered an iPad, you can now carry it in a Gussy netbook/work bag. These sassy bags are smaller versions of the original laptop bag size, but made to fit a netbook and now an iPad.

7 new bags — 6 new designs.
Which one will you own?

{a special print for Gussy}

One of my blogging friends, Becca, contacted me a few weeks ago, saying she made something with Gussy in mind. Becca looooves to draw {this is her shop} so I had a little bit of an idea of what she had made.

Except in the end, I was way off. I’m in love! I had this print framed immediately and now it sits all sassy-like in our apartment. I have it on the wall right before you walk into The Sweat Shop. Hah!

How perfect is that?!

This is why blogging is fun :]

Actually, once Becca showed me this print I contacted this Etsy seller and she painted a frame in this custom red color. Perfection.


A little about Becca’s Etsy shop:

Hello, welcome to my little submarine shop! No, I don’t sell sandwiches. I make whimsical submarine art! Go ahead, look around!

I am the proud and sassy wife of a submariner, and a *new* stay-at-home mom. My father was a Navy Chaplain, my brother and grandfather, Marines. I guess it’s in the blood.

Creating, dreaming, and scheming are the things that get me through long deployments and this crazy lifestyle. I love being a military wife. I create these pieces to pay homage to the hard working men of the “silent service.” They are always on duty, always standing the watch, protecting our rights, freedom and way of life. I hope that when people see my artwork they think of and appreciate the sailors and the families that love them and eagerly await their return.

Isn’t her stuff cute???