{Tackling the to-do list.}

This weekend I hope to put a serious END to my ever-so-long to-do list. I have checkbook covers to sew, laptop bags to sew, fabric to iron, fun items to photograph and list {including a baby blanket}! I’ve got a lot of work to do. I have some custom orders that I’ll be finishing up — some blog post writing to do. See? An ever-so-long list.

–As a side note, have you updated your links? Google Analytics and SiteMeter are telling me a lot of you are still visiting http://www.maggiewhitley.blogspot.com, which is incorrect. It will re-direct you to http://www.gussysews.com {which is why you may not realize this}. Consider updating the bookmarked link yourself?

–And another side note ;] Did you see that the Count Up grew?!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Next week I’ll be sharing my 3-part mini-series on running a business, blogging, and organizing it all. So I hope you’ll be back. Consider subscribing to my blog via RSS or email feed?

Oh, and Monday is scheduled to hold something sweet :]

Here are some inspirational photos for you…

[Photo credit: one, two, three, four].

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What are you doing this weekend?

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I’m working on a new series of blog, business, and organizational tips. I’ll be sharing things that carry Gussy through the busyness, along with answering your questions on the above topics. If you have a question, send it my way! But hurry, the series will be starting soon.

When things get really busy, how do you accomplish it all?

For me, I always make a to-do list, and some times I make a to-do list of my to-do list! I have learned over the last year just how helpful lists can be. Making notes of your daily tasks allows you to forget some of the little “things” so you can focus your energy on what is actually on your list.

When it’s clear what you need to accomplish it’s much easier to be productive. Amen? And then when you’ve been productive you can finally sit down with a cup of coffee and take some time for yourself, you can allow yourself to relax and reflect.

To celebrate success and our ability to dream and accomplish so much {thank you, LORD!}…

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Happy Friday and good luck!

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{coffee + biz questions + spilled beans}

Happy Thursday!

{Can you believe it’s Thursday?}

{I can’t. Actually, I thought yesterday was Friday. Whoops!}

{This ends my private conversation with myself.}

Yesterday I met up with Allison @ OMyFamily. And OMyWord is she so darling. We met at Target and talked for nearly two hours over Starbucks coffee. Then we browsed the precious second floor of Target. Yes, second. The Target I go to is two-stories {yeow!}. And I’m already wondering when we can meet again. Have you ever met someone and you think, Gosh, I think I’ve known them my entire life?

Guess what? That is Allison :]

I’ve already started planning a meet-up {inside my head, of course. Like I would plan other people’s schedules… } with some of the great gals in Minneapolis I’ve met through blogging: Melissa, Tracy, Allison. Anyone else reading this that’s in the area?!


I shouldn’t be bragging but I have to brag. If there’s one month you pick to visit Gussy has a lot to say {and sew}, may I politely request it’s this month? My blog calendar is full to the brim of fun stuff.

And we’re only eight days in. Yeow!

Stay tuned? I am.


Since we’re talking about organized blog “stuff,” I decided to put together a business/organizational post and I’m looking for any questions you’d like me to answer. I’ll be sharing some tips and ways Gussy does things, but I’d also like to know if there’s something specific I can share that would help you out. If you have a question, please email me by tonight.

I’m really excited to share some things that help me get through my day


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Whoops. Let that cat out of the bag. Tee he he.

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{Feature + Giveaway :: The Gleam of Rose Tea}

This giveaway is now closed!

This feature + giveaway is really exciting for me because it’s on a beautiful shop. And we all know how easy it is to talk about beautiful, drool-worthy things over here, right? :]

I’d like to introduce Hillary of The Gleam of Rose Tea to you. She’s a super sweet girl with such a passion for accessories that inspire. You may visit her blog here.


What inspires you?

A big open field, DIY projects, and holding hands in public.

Share an interesting fact about yourself.

I once had an outfit featured on the cover of a daily Chinese newspaper.

How did you come up with your blog name?

My favorite verse in the Bible has the word “gleam”, I love tea, and my middle name is Rose. I made it up at 12am and it kind of stuck.

{Proverbs 4:18- The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.}

Share a little bit about yourself.

I love family time, sunlit pictures, and weekends that consist of naps and fresh fruit. I have moved across country four times during grammar school. I work with people who design games all day. I get excited when I find a new blog to follow and an outfit that inspires me. One of my goals is to know high-end designers by their advertisement (I work in marketing).

Share with us a favorite Etsy purchase or shop.

I am biased towards my own.

List a few of your most favorite pastimes.

The first dinner I made for my boyfriend. He sat at the table for an hour eating homemade pita chips and hummus after I cleared everything away. Doing nothing at my family’s summer lake-house in Maine.

Read any good books lately?

Harry Potter 5, and the Women in White. Have I finish them is the question…

What is your most prized possession?

My thrifted Cole Haan brogues for $8

What are three of your favorite foods?

Jasmine pearl tea (that can be a food right?), homemade salsa, pasta carbonara.

What would you like to learn to do?

Cook so well people cant wait to come over.

What are you listening to right now?

You and I, Ingrid Michaelson

Name one place you must visit in your lifetime and why.

Hands down Alaska, to see the Aurora Borealis


The Gleam of Rose Tea is giving away one handmade vintage flower pin:

To enter, please leave a comment.

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This giveaway is open through Thursday night {4/8};
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