{creating community: find a friend to connect with}

Yayyyy — have you had a chance to see all the comments left on yesterday’s post, creating community? If not, there are over 140! If you left a comment please feel free to go back and see what people wrote. Maybe you’ll find a blog/shop to connect with? That would be my goal for yesterday’s post ♥ {Consider setting a goal for yourself of clicking over to 5 different shops/blogs? Or, get crazy and visit them all!!! *wink*

When I think of community I think of feeling like I’m sitting with a friend.
Thank you, thank you to all the people that shared so far!
I’m *loving* all that I’ve read.

Here are some blogs I really have connected with lately: enjoying the small things, a beautiful mess, and a holy experience.


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{Grand Rapids, MI recap ~ we *love* to chat!}

A big T H A N K S to all the gals that made it to the Grand Rapids/Gussy meet-up last week!! So what if we talked for over 150 minutes ;] It was amazing and I’m sooooo glad you came ~

{from the left} Molly with idance, me, Dee with Red Leter Words, Jill with Cora Anne Designs, Momma Gus & friends, Jill with The Diaper Diaries, Andrea with Simple Organized Living, Jolon with Savvy Chic Savings [not pictured: Mary with Island Girl Bags]

What did we talk about? Blissdom, blogging, boys. Other non-B named things include: “tums”, sewing, christmas lights and hoarders.

I know there were more of you that wanted to come but the silly winter/Michigan weather interrupted. Maybe next time?! You know there will be a next time :]


A few days before leaving for Michigan I was running errands in Minnesota and a lovely gal came up to me and asked me if I was Gussy. Of course my heart skipped a beat. I was a little nervous about having a Grand Rapids meet-up {what if no one comes? what if I spill coffee on myself?} But those things didn’t happen and it was so fun! That little moment at the store in MN was just practice for the meet-up, I suppose :] God knows I love to be prepared {and I say that in all seriousness (lol) }.


{creating community on this blog <3}

I always love when I find a reader or blogger online that I can really relate + connect with. {Hello! All of my Minnesota friends were found through this blog, which is so awesome.}

Yesterday I had coffee with a budding entrepreneur and as we talked I told her that I wouldn’t be sitting with her if it weren’t for community and the generosity of others. True story; read about that here.

Community is one of my favorite parts of my blog // this job. I’m making one of my goals for 2011 be to connect with more people daily and weekly.

Will you help me? >> If you have a minute, can you please answer these 4 questions about yourself? And if you remember, come back tomorrow and read through the comments left. Maybe you’ll find a reader that you’ll be able to connect with, too :]

Here are the questions:
1. what is your name and blog/shop URL?
2. what is your blog or shop about?
3. share something fun about yourself.
4. what is something that’s a “favorite”?


I’ll go first and answer them :]
1. Gussy — www.gussysews.com and www.shopgussy.com
2. sewing ruffles; blog/biz how-to posts; craft/handmade features & giveaways; our pup, Bauer
3. when zack was visiting {and getting ready to propose} he had to find new hiding places all evening for my ring because he knew i was snooping around, wishing&hoping for the proposal to come true ;]
4. i looooooove to sit outside with sunglasses on and just relax!

Lisa Leonard recently shared tips on creating/establishing community, as did Allora Handmade. Hope you read them! ;]


PS. LOOK at this — that’s sewing machine #2! Zack’s grandma gave me my first machine for Christmas two years ago and this time we were in Michigan I bought the above machine from her. I can’t wait to re-arrange my studio {on my list for today!} and get both machines set up. yeow :]

Pretty please with a ruffle on top, remember to answer the 4 questions

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews