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Last night, Allison @ OMyFamily and I met up for cupcakes, coffee and chatting. Ohh, I love those three words :] We’ve been getting together about every 2 weeks lately, and can I just say, Yeow?! It’s been so fun!!!

Allison is my new friend, she is super fab and I am sew enjoying our friendship.

You know what else I’m enjoying? Daydreaming of May 17. Know what else? Daydreaming of having time to exercise {bites fingernails}. Did I really just type that? Oh, OK…

Well anyways…

So I was thinking: I know a handful of gals in the Minneapolis area that I’d love to get together with and have coffee. Are you in the Minneapolis area? Want to have a ‘lil get-together?

Leave a comment if you do {I’d LOVE to plan something}, OR leave a comment sharing a story about a new friendship you have :]

Have a great day!

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{it’s Monday! hooray! :] }

I’m not sure about you, but my weekend consisted of sleeping, sewing, eating delicious meals with my husband, and of course sleeping some more. TV watching, movie watching, grocery shopping, blogging, and the occasional nap. Daily. Have I mentioned yet this weekend that I had a veryyyy relaxing weekend? Oh, I did?


So Mother’s Day is right around the corner. So is high school graduation. And college graduation. Yeow! Lots to celebrate this month :] Shop Gussy and gift your gal with a sassy ruffle.


Have you heard Gussy and I are going exclusive?

Yeah, you can read about it here. We’re practically getting married. {Skips around apartment.} Well, we were kinda married before but now it’s more official. “Official.” May 14 is my last day as a corporate girl :]

{The lamp in our living room was flickering non-stop yesterday and Zack took one look at it and said, Oh, the light bulb isn’t screwed in all the way. Ummmm, yeah. My bad?}

{I’m sorry I’m all over the place today. I blame the ruffles.}


What else do I have to say?

Oh yes. It’s now May 3 {crazeee} and I’ve got some new sponsors:



I couldn’t get a hold of the first Gussy checkbook cover winner {one random winner is picked monthly for signing up for my Gussy newsletter}, so a new winner has been picked!

And it is: kiibig_ _ _@yahoo.com {please check your email for a little note from me}.

The Uniquely E Jewelry giveaway winner is Joanna @ Raising Madison. Check your email, Joanna! :]

OK, that’s all I’ve got. I’ve used all the Internet Ink and can’t write no mo.
Have a great day! :]

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{a run-on recap of our weekend}

It seems as though writing my last post {I did it! I did it!} was the “OK” to suddenly become exhausted. Oy! Zack and I celebrated Friday night, and since then I’ve slept, watch TV, sewn a little, and slept some more. Hah! Not proud to be admitting that, but maybe if I admit it I’ll find my energy?

I’ve also spent some time daydreaming of what my first day as Gussy will be like, some ideas for blog topics, another running series, etc. Ya know, in between naps and all. Maybe all this rest now will help me to NOT become sick come May 14. I’ve been told, by other indie artists, that when you finally allow your body to take a break {aka: freeing up your schedule like whoa} that you’ll most likely become sick.

Ahhh! That sew cannot happen! So I’ll nap now :]

Yesterday Zack and I were at Chipotle and before we left Zack wanted to fill up our drink cup. I found him stuffing {literally} lemons and limes {and Sprite} into our lemonade. I just looked at him, to which he replied, Do you have some maturity I can borrow?


I’ve read through alllll the comments from my “I did it!” post and I just want to say thank you so very much for them!!!!! I’m very excited to start this new adventure :]

See? This is me excited:

And! Remember to enter the Featured Artist giveaway, Uniquely E Jewelry, because it ends tonight at 10 CST.


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{I did it! I did it!}

Ya’ll, I have a soul-bursting announcement…

I have put in my 2-weeks notice at my day job,
and in 14 days I’ll be working exclusively on Gussy!!!

Can you believe it?

I’m not sure if I believe it’s REALLY here — that it’s REALLY time to be sharing this, making this public. Now you’re probably wondering, What is the Family Goal for?

Well… that is another surprise and I think it will be revealed in exactly 2 weeks. Can you wait two weeks? Please say yes.

The most exciting part has just begun: Monday, May 17 is my first day as an exclusive Gussy girl.

But… also in two weeks I have some advice to share and tips to reveal on how Zack and I were able to get to this amazing, exciting, LIFE-CHANGING goal.

Yep — Zack was and is a big part of it all :]

OK. I’m going to step away from the computer and let this soak in some more. My brain is just a little, tiny bit tired. Keeping secrets is hard, you know. Tee he he.

I did it! I did it! Yeowwwwwwwwww!

And ya’ll helped :]
Thank you!

My heart is just sooo happy…

[All photos credit of www.weheartit.com].

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