Now booking for our December giveaway bundles!

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Hi lovely! We are in the process of booking for our December giveaway bundles, scheduled for the 1st of the December (and just in time for the holidays). In June we hosted a summer-themed bundle featuring $895 in prizes, in August hosted a back-to-school and fall-essential themed giveaway (over $700 in prizes) and in October we hosted two baby-themed bundles (over $880 in prizes).

If you’re a handmade shop owner we’d so grateful to have the chance to work with you for our December giveaway bundles, based around the theme “Holiday Gift Giving”. We’ll be splitting the prizes into multiple bundles — which means there will be multiple winners! SO fun.


You can skip ahead to the giveaway application form by clicking here, or read on for more details:

* we’re looking for handmade/small business who offer products geared towards men, women, children, hostess gifts, winter seasonal, etc.

* our December giveaway is scheduled for Monday, December 1st and will end on Friday, December 5th

* each participating shop will receive two social media links via Rafflecopter for the entry requirements

* we’ll be sharing the December giveaway bundles with our social media communities (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, an RSS feed, an email RSS feed) — this includes a reach of over 172,000 monthly likes/impressions

* our giveaways are open to US resident only (no need to worry about international shipping costs)

* we’re accepting a limited number of shops. To view the application and apply, please click here, we’d love the opportunity to work with you!


PS. I’ve got a secret to share with you! We’ve already secured prizes from Pen & Paint and Red Letter Words for our December giveaways ;)

PPS. Want to get a jump start on your holiday shopping? Visit our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide which includes discount codes from nearly every participating shop.


Welcome to the world, newest baby Whitley…

natalie maggie whitley

natalie zack maggie whitley

natalie zack maggie whitley

natalie maggie whitley

We are filled with so much joy, our second baby blessing has arrived:

Natalie Rose Whitley

born October 31, 2014 at 11:58pm

8 lbs 3 oz and 20″ long.

Natalie arrived zippy fast via VBAC Friday just before midnight and is the cutest little pumpkin we know. She has a head of thick, dark hair, a tiny chin and is so snuggly sleepy. She’s absolutely perfect — I feel so very blessed to be holding her in my arms, resting at home.

Maxwell isn’t holding back his love for her, either. He’s full of kisses, hugs, curiosity and has even offered her his pacifier. He’s transitioning to his new role very well, although I’m sure some natural struggles will come our way soon.

We are celebrating sweet Natalie’s arrival and like I said, I am filled to the brim with joy. xoxo


Handmade Crush: The Jones Market

Hey color (and accessory) enthusiasts! I have something FAB for you :) I’m excited to introduce you to Candis of The Jones Market:the jones market maggie whitley the jones market maggie whitley

the jones market maggie whitley

the jones market maggie whitley

the jones market maggie whitley

IMGthe jones market maggie whitley9571

I’m Candis Jones and I started The Jones Market in January of 2012. The Jones Market makes tuggable, non-toxic, baby friendly necklaces and accessories that are perfect for mamas and pretty for all!

Thinking back on when I started The Jones Market my biggest goal and dream was to fill the gap that was there from my lost income when I decided to stay home with my first child. It was the driving force behind all energy I gave to my fledgling business, and truly still is. Knowing what my goal was helped me to work hard and sacrifice to get there. So with that said, if I could go back and encourage myself when things were just starting I would say, stay true, don’t give up, keep going. In a lot of ways I feel like things are still just starting and I think that is the magic of goals. As you reach them you take that moment in and joy-cry, laugh and tell the people who hold you up the good news. And then you get to let bigger dreams bubble up in you. New, exciting, scary dreams and goals. And every time you meet one you feel more confidence to dream a little bigger.

I would also tell myself (and still tell myself!) that when you get knocked down to let yourself feel all the feelings about it for fifteen minutes max and then take a deep breath and turn those feelings into movement. Every single time things get hard, something goes wrong or there is a road block and I do that, the outcome is always forward movement, new ideas and growth. Thankfully when I needed (and still need) all of that advice I had friends and a supportive husband to dish it out. So, surround yourself with good people and you will be better for it!

Connect with Candis: shop | Instagram

* * *

Talk about inspiring! I found myself nodding with Candis as I read her experience over smaller dreams giving her the push to dream a little bigger. (OK, and also about letting yourself wallow in the hard moments but then putting those feelings into movement — that’s some powerful advice!) I first found The Jones Market on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the color of the beads paired with the material Candis uses to string each necklace together. Her work is totally my style… is it yours too?

Pumpkin carving and waiting.

Last night we went to a pumpkin carving party at Zack’s work. It was so great to meet everyone and snack on yummy pumpkin treats (a pregnant woman’s dream, haha). And I’ve very decided every day that passes where I don’t go into labor is like an extra treat for our family.

zack maxwell maggie whitley

It can be so hard to wait but I definitely know the beauty that come with waiting… so I will :) These last days as a family of three are so precious to me. I know once our baby is placed in my arms will be a precious moment too, and it’ll begin a new and wonderful season for us.

zack maggie whitley

So week 40, day 2 — we welcome you :)