My reflection in the mirror.

pregnancy bump maxwell maggie whitley

Since becoming a mama I’ve come to notice my reflection in mirrors when I walk past with Maxwell in my arms. It’s been a sweet way to see myself with him, but from a different perspective. The other day I was inside a fancy baby boutique with my brother (yahoo, he’s visiting all week from Michigan!), and as we were wandering the store I caught my reflection in the mirror. But this time I couldn’t help but notice both of my babies. At 24 weeks pregnant my body is becoming more and more fulfilled with a second life. It’s a magical feeling; a wonderful view. I’m so, so glad I stopped to capture this little moment in time.

PS. my brother’s surprise visit last summer — he’s making a good habit of surprising me, which I LOVE!

How to sew a fanny pack.

fanny pack maggie whitley

I recently had the opportunity to sew a fanny pack.

Oh yes, that’s right.

And while at first I was totally disabled over how to actually sew it (I like to over-complicate the process (don’t ask me why)), I had a light-bulb moment one afternoon and realized I could take my template for a Gussy Sews pouch and modify it.

Genius :)

fanny pack maggie whitley

And guess what I discovered? It was way more fun than I thought it would be. The thought of sewing a fanny pack used to scared me, but now — when I think about actually sewing a fanny pack — I realize it was just the challenge I needed.

A simple zip closure, an adjustable belt that ties around the hip for a quirky, knotted look. And of course a Caroline-made suede tag. The finished pouch measures about 8″ x 5″. It’s so cute!

fanny pack maggie whitley

I’m still beaming over sewing this. Seeing my collection of fabric scattered across my work table, turning on my sewing machine, the challenge of sewing something for someone else just because — it was totally amazing. It filled my need to create right to the brim.

Looking at these photos I’m reminded of my favorite quote, “inspiration is all around you.”

And to that I say, amen.


family fourth of july maggie whitley

Over the weekend so many great things happened. First, our family enjoyed a loooooong three days of togetherness. It was fun and lovely and re-energizing and memorable. Secondly, we celebrated the Fourth of July and went to our first parade with Maxwell, hooray! What a wonderful day for our country to celebrate. And then to top off the FUN category here (if that’s even possible), I turned 29 on Saturday! ;)

Zack surprised me with a birthday brunch with my best girlfriends and our hubbies, pedicures, the sweetest cards from him and Max/Bauer/baby #2. And can I just say — the cards Zack writes for Max and Bauer are hilarious. Oh my. Later Saturday night we had dinner down in Manhattan Beach, and then pulled into our driveway just in time to get Max to bed. And then on Sunday we found ourselves at the pool. Everything about our long weekend was perfect, even the cranky moments of naps being boycotted.

Did you know I’ve known Zack since I was 18? We met as freshman in college at Central Michigan University and have pretty much been inseparable since. Eleven years later and he’s still the same caring, charming man. That in itself is a grand enough gift.

What a wonderful, blessed life this is. The hard days still come around, but focusing on the sweet moments is what pushes us through. I always get excited to turn a year older because it’s another opportunity to reflect on all the positives. Yup :)

PS. Maxwell last year at his first Fourth of July celebration, he’s so tiny!