Handmade Crush: The Jones Market

Hey color (and accessory) enthusiasts! I have something FAB for you :) I’m excited to introduce you to Candis of The Jones Market:the jones market maggie whitley the jones market maggie whitley

the jones market maggie whitley

the jones market maggie whitley

the jones market maggie whitley

IMGthe jones market maggie whitley9571

I’m Candis Jones and I started The Jones Market in January of 2012. The Jones Market makes tuggable, non-toxic, baby friendly necklaces and accessories that are perfect for mamas and pretty for all!

Thinking back on when I started The Jones Market my biggest goal and dream was to fill the gap that was there from my lost income when I decided to stay home with my first child. It was the driving force behind all energy I gave to my fledgling business, and truly still is. Knowing what my goal was helped me to work hard and sacrifice to get there. So with that said, if I could go back and encourage myself when things were just starting I would say, stay true, don’t give up, keep going. In a lot of ways I feel like things are still just starting and I think that is the magic of goals. As you reach them you take that moment in and joy-cry, laugh and tell the people who hold you up the good news. And then you get to let bigger dreams bubble up in you. New, exciting, scary dreams and goals. And every time you meet one you feel more confidence to dream a little bigger.

I would also tell myself (and still tell myself!) that when you get knocked down to let yourself feel all the feelings about it for fifteen minutes max and then take a deep breath and turn those feelings into movement. Every single time things get hard, something goes wrong or there is a road block and I do that, the outcome is always forward movement, new ideas and growth. Thankfully when I needed (and still need) all of that advice I had friends and a supportive husband to dish it out. So, surround yourself with good people and you will be better for it!

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Talk about inspiring! I found myself nodding with Candis as I read her experience over smaller dreams giving her the push to dream a little bigger. (OK, and also about letting yourself wallow in the hard moments but then putting those feelings into movement — that’s some powerful advice!) I first found The Jones Market on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the color of the beads paired with the material Candis uses to string each necklace together. Her work is totally my style… is it yours too?

Pumpkin carving and waiting.

Last night we went to a pumpkin carving party at Zack’s work. It was so great to meet everyone and snack on yummy pumpkin treats (a pregnant woman’s dream, haha). And I’ve very decided every day that passes where I don’t go into labor is like an extra treat for our family.

zack maxwell maggie whitley

It can be so hard to wait but I definitely know the beauty that come with waiting… so I will :) These last days as a family of three are so precious to me. I know once our baby is placed in my arms will be a precious moment too, and it’ll begin a new and wonderful season for us.

zack maggie whitley

So week 40, day 2 — we welcome you :)

Handmade Crush: Brim Papery

:) I found another handmade shop to share with you: meet Jolie of Brim Papery. Reading Jolie’s about page, including her vision and the meaning behind her business’s name, is what really captivated me as a fellow handmade business owner. I hope you’ll click over and see what I’m talking about. In the meantime, here’s my latest Handmade Crush interview…

brim papery maggie whitley

brim papery maggie whitley

brim papery maggie whitley

brim papery maggie whitley

brim papery maggie whitley

My name is Jolie Ankrom, and I am the founder and designer at Brim Papery. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband and daughter. In early 2013 I quit my teaching job to stay home with my daughter, and I now work out of my home creating paper goods with hand lettering and illustration. Everything I produce at Brim Papery is drawn by hand, converted digitally, then printed at a local print shop.

If I had the chance to go back and advise myself on business at the beginning, I would say three things:

1. Don’t wait to start! I was so hesitant to jump in without any formal training or degrees, but the truth is, experience is the best of teachers and you can’t learn until you try. I didn’t have the time or money to go back to design school, so I started out with the basics and learned what I could through trial and error. I’m so glad I gave myself the chance.

2. Take yourself seriously! If you want to start a business, do it, but don’t do it half-heartedly. Invest in yourself with the time and money to do things professionally, within reason. It’s hard for others to see your ambition and goals clearly if you don’t even see them clearly yourself. Showing respect for your own endeavor will carry you miles. When other people see that you treat yourself like an entrepreneur, they will follow suit and treat you that way, too.

3. Be persistent! Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. As someone trying to build a small business, you will have long nights, failed attempts and many lessons learned. Take it in stride and remember that it’s a journey. Use every triumph and failure as an opportunity to assess what works (and what doesn’t) and grow as a business owner!

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Do you remember a time when you said YES to something that was scary — but also really really exciting? What was that experience like? It’s easy to come up with goals and dreams, but finding our inner brave-ness is what makes something a challenge. I really resonated with Jolie’s three tips and my guess is you do, too.

Food for my mama soul.

beach pregnancy maxwell maggie whitley

We found ourselves at the beach on Sunday, totally planning on walking alongside it (and maybe hoping to get this baby low low low). Maxwell clearly had other plans because it didn’t take long and he was tugging at the straps on the stroller to get out. This sweet boy loves getting his feet wet, and in an instant memories of our weekly adventures to the beach over the summer flooded my heart. I grabbed his hand and together we walked down to the waters edge to play.

Zack captured this moment of me with both my babies, and when I saw it on my phone almost a day later I literally gasped. This is such a precious photo to me. I’m beginning to see mamahood as a marathon: we have to pace ourselves wisely, from the early morning hours, so we can last the entire day. It’s a hard, magnificent race.

Now that Maxwell is a toddler and he’s talking to us, sharing what he needs and pointing out all that he sees, it’s so very clear to me that love is at the forefront of his mind — all day, every day. He doesn’t ever see me as tired or repetitive or structured or weary, all feelings mamas have throughout the day. Instead, he sees me as his friend, his teacher, and his encourager. Having this moment at the beach with my babies captured is beyond precious — it’s life giving for my mama soul.