Life around here…

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Life around here has meant…

* wearing pink lipstick to a trip to the mall with my friend Joanna and our three (almost four) children

* staying up way too late, soaking up extra hangout time with my hubby

* putting together our heirloom baby cradle. Eleven grandchildren and almost five great-grandchildren have slept in the cradle, I’m so grateful my grandfather built this for us. Here are photos of the cradle in our first nursery for Maxwell

* rearranging furniture in the nursery & living room. With Baby #2 arriving later next month (fingers crossed for an on-time delivery) we needed to make a little more room in our small space

* feeling extra, extra warm lately. I can’t tell if it’s the Los Angeles weather, the pregnancy, or a combination of both. But uhhhh, I’ve been feeling way hot these days #thumbsdown

* weekly trips to the library. Maxwell L O V E S to read and it’s definitely one of my favorite shared activities with him

* booking a few blog-related upcoming opportunities for handmade shop owners. Today is the last day to pre-book for our Holiday Gift Guide ($99 verses $125), click that link for more information on the HGG or our October Baby Bundle giveaway :)

* thinking about my hair. You guys, it grows so so fast these days. My roots are a mess and so I’ve been searching Pinterest for a good mix of lowlights & highlights so my regrowth isn’t so intense. Maybe once this baby comes out things will settle down? In the meantime the hormones are getting the best of me and I admit, I’ve been crying over my hair lately. I’m really loving the caramel look here. Thoughts?

* I’ve ordered new fabric so I can totally re-make the seat back & cushion of our rocking chair. It’s going to be in our living room for a couple of months, which will be perfect since we’ll have family staying with us for 5 weeks once Baby #2 is born (hello, extra seating). And I’m getting SO excited to work on a personal sewing project.

* embroidering once again. Think pink fern meets charcoal gray felt ;)

How have you been? How was your weekend? I chatted with my girlfriends over the weekend for some new easy but healthy dinner recipes and it was so helpful! I’m ready to conquer this week, which is such a great feeling. xoxo

Upcoming opportunities for handmade shop owners!

3 upcoming opportunities for handmade business owners //

Fall is my favorite season and I’m secretly wishing Los Angeles would cool off just a little bit more so I can wear my pink moccasins and perhaps another layer of clothing without sweating. Oh my, that got really personal huh? I’ll have to keep on wishing, I think ;) I bought some pumpkin spice creamer for my coffee, so for now that’ll have to do.

We have some exciting things on the docket next month for the Maggie Whitley Designs community:

* The first is a baby bundle giveaway on October 6th. Just like the August giveaway that recently finished, we’ll be compiling handmade wares into multiple giveaway bundles, but this time the theme will be mama & baby in anticipation of Baby Whitley #2 arriving (fingers crossed) the end of the month. If you’re a small/handmade business we’d love for you to apply. Simply click here to view the application.

* Also starting in October is our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. This shopping guide will have a focus on handmade and will be live October 1 – December 15th. We’ll list alphabetically some of our favorite handmade shops, and many of them will also include a discount code exclusive to the MWD community — yeow! Click here to view the Holiday Gift Guide application.

* If you have a blog or handmade business (or both!) and would like some tangible advice on how to navigate the dreams you have consider booking a mentorship session. We’ll chat via audio Skype for 30 or 60 minutes, and here’s a list of topics we can cover during our call.

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holiday gift guide 2014 maggie whitley

Leave a comment below if you have any specific questions — you know I love hearing from you! :)

Mountains, camping & a car battery.

Cachuma Lake maggie whitley

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Cachuma Lake maggie whitley

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Cachuma Lake maggie whitley

We’ve had “go camping” on the calendar for months, but last week was so tiring and so hard, and I wasn’t sure if going would be a good idea. Maxwell had some sort of teething thing going on, so his afternoon nap was kinda non-existent (a pregnant moms worst nightmare). Zack worked late most nights. And for myself, I was plain exhausted and a bit crabby. But we pressed on, packed up the Jeep super early on Saturday morning, and arrived to Cachuma Lake Campground in Santa Barbara before lunchtime.

We joined our friends (and their kiddos) and for two full days we stared at the mountains. It was glorious. The days were hot but the nights were cool. Everyone was dirty from nature; I wore the same shirt & shorts for two days in a row. We were up early in the mornings, had campfires once the littles were tucked in bed, and I even went swimming twice. Glory hallelujah, swimming is my favorite.

I think the best part of tent camping last weekend was how it seemed to reset all of us. The fresh air relaxed us and being away from modern technologies was so refreshing. We live in a small space, and even though I love how tiny it is — how intentional we’ve become with our possessions and time, it made me even more grateful for a home with hardwood floors, a nearby bathroom & shower ;)

Also noteworthy is how amazing my husband is! On Monday, as we’re packing up the Jeep to drive back to Los Angeles, our car battery dies. The nearest auto parts store was about 18 miles away, but Zack kept the car from stalling as we drove down the mountain. We were all so dirty and tired, but I felt so grateful for Zack’s knowledge. He makes me so proud.

A few more updates (because lists are fun!):

* Happy 32 weeks today to my baby bump! I’ve been so, so warm these last few weeks, no one wants to see the outfits I’ve thrown together while at home, ha! But I’m hoping for a bump update to appear on the blog soon.

* In anticipation of Baby Whitley #2 we’re hosting a Baby Bundle giveaway on October 6th. We’re also preparing for our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide (October 1 – December 15) and are offering a special pre-book rate now through September 8th. If you’re a small business owner and are interested in sharing your products with the MWD community, click the above links. We’d love to hear from you.

* Lastly, I feel so very content with life right now. I have been praying over a few things and feel so much peace from these prayers, it’s wonderful. Things certainly aren’t easy for us but I feel way less overwhelmed and so I’m giving myself a thumbs up for happily navigating adulthood.

Before you sign off for a long weekend…

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Can you believe Labor Day is almost here? Sheesh, I’ll be holding our newborn babe in about nine weeks! Before we head out for another weekend in the mountains with friends, I wanted to share a few things with you…

* Have you heard of Hope*ologie? It’s an inspiring site with fresh content every month, including exclusive articles, podcasts, printables & video (the videos are my favorite), and I tell you the truth: it’s been super refreshing to log-in each month. It’s a member-based site, but I promise the $12.99/month rate is worth it. I’m a member and yes, the two sisters are my real-life friends, but I promise (again) it’s something you should be investing in each month :)

* Tuesday was a R O U G H day for me. Naptime was cut short for Max, I didn’t have a chance to rest myself, and dinner time wasn’t as easy as it normally is. I knew deep down I was exhausted (31 weeks pregnant and I’ve been doing too much) and that’s why things were falling apart. So we turned out the lights at 10:30pm and I tell you, getting 9 hours of sleep that night was glorious. I often forget how important rest is, not just during the daytime, but at nighttime too. We aren’t built to “do it all”, I must continue to live out this motto.

* My friend Hayley and her husband Mike recently launched an ethically-made clothing company for kiddos called Wildly Co. and they’re so close to finishing up their Kickstarter campaign. If you like supporting small businesses and feel inclined to help in any way, here’s a direct link to their fundraiser. (We’re cheering for you, H+M!)

* I’m on the lookout for a large-ish living room rug. Any favorites or recommendations?

* Even though I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, with family and work life, sometimes it’s hard. The past six years running a couple handmade businesses were wonderful, but to be honest I’m definitely missing having a large studio to work in creatively. Will you pray for me? I’m kinda feeling blue and I don’t want to miss out on the now because I’m too busy A.) feeling sorry for myself (wah, wah), or B.) wishing things were a little different. I know these years at home are precious and short. Often He has bigger, better, funner plans and I want to make sure my eyes are focused on Him.

* If you haven’t yet, click over to enter to win one of our August giveaway bundles: back-to-school or cozy fall essentials.

Enjoy your long weekend, and I’ll see you in September! :)