27 weeks baby bump.

27 weeks pregnant maggie whitley

27 weeks pregnant maggie whitley

27 weeks pregnant maggie whitley

27 weeks pregnant maggie whitley

27 weeks pregnant maggie whitley

As much as pregnancy can feel difficult or frustrating or uncomfortable, the truth is I really love being pregnant. First, there’s the blessing of amazing hair. I mean, I can wear my hair in a loose pony tail at night and in the morning shake it out and viola!, good to go. And then there are fun, sunshine-y dresses like this one from Mint Julep that transition perfectly into maternity wear. Lastly there’s the pure joy of knowing the bump my hands are wrapped around is our baby. This second pregnancy is already different from my first, mainly that Maxwell is toddling around my feet and so he keeps me very busy. But really, it’s going by so quickly. I am anticipating the heart explosion that comes with holding your baby for the very first time and I can’t even put it into words. Being a mama is my greatest accomplishment. As a little girl, I had just a couple baby dolls that I played with. For years I was invested in just a couple dolls; they were my babies. And now as a mama I am so grateful to be able to invest in real, squishy, milk-breathed babies that are made up of equal parts of Zack and me.

Hello, 27 weeks baby bump, I sure do love what you represent.

What I’m wearing: yellow maxi dress from The Mint Julep Boutique, braided sandals from Target, ring is vintage and polish is Essie.

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25 weeks baby bump.

baby bump maggie whitley

I have a pregnancy secret! Wearing a watermelon-colored lip stain has made me feel like a million bucks. I have always wanted to try out a darker pink shade, and honestly since first wearing it a few days ago I’ve kinda worn it everyday since. I feel like it brightens my entire mood, which makes me feel less tired (mentally), chipper and dare I say… sassy.

I’ll be sharing more on the exact lip stain I’m wearing in an upcoming post, but know this: when you feel something you are more likely to exude it. Love that.


We’re on the hunt for a wooden dresser for the nursery. Something to hold Maxwell’s toddler clothes and new baby’s newborn clothes. And I kinda wish one would just magically appear in our home so I can start washing all of the cute neutral-colored newborn onsies and blankets and sleepers. Hello, nesting phase. OH MY GOODNESS, newborns are just the best!


Maxwell calls everyone’s belly button/tummy a “bay-beeee”. It’s so adorable, but also a little nerve-wrecking. So far he’s limited “everyone” to just Zack and I, so we can laugh about it while we sip our morning coffee at home. But I know one day soon he’s going to say that to a stranger. Any advice? (awkward giggle)

baby bump maggie whitley

So far we’ve made it through all our doctor appointments without the baby’s gender accidentally being revealed. I know in the past I’ve been certain I feel, “we’re having a boy!”. Then one week my feelings switched to, “we’re having a girl!” And now I’m confident I just don’t know. Really, the only thing I know is this baby is a strong kicker (and we’ll be delighted with either gender).

Also, this baby loves food, and whenever I eat (which is often, ha ha) the kicks become crazyyyyyyy.


What I’m wearing: foil hearts tank c/o Asos, maternity bermuda jean shorts from Old Navy, braided sandals (similar) from Target, glasses are RX.

This is my first time wearing Asos and I have to share, I’m loving their maternity line. Their tops are lightweight (easy for layering, too) and super reasonably priced. And just for fun, a few additional Asos shirts I love: this daisy tanktop, this boat neck striped top, and this jersey and chiffon contrast top.

Asos offers free shipping both ways when you spend $25 or more.

Oh, and thank you for all the feedback on nursing tops last week!

Peachy goodies.


I must be on a peach kick, because on Monday I shared some peachy floral photos from over the weekend, but also that day I also wore an outfit full of peachy shades. Peach makes me happy. It’s the little things in life, right? that can bring total happiness.

Other things that bring total happiness: knowing when it’s the right time to hop offline to practice being instead of watching. And how an afternoon cup of coffee brings unexpected peace to your day. Or knowing you’re mailing off a fun package to your sister-in-law (hi, Tiffany!). Or how your son smiles as the dog walks in the room, or your husband leans back in for a second kiss.

Here are a few more noticed peachy goodies: a ruffle on my diaper bag, a colored glass bottle, the top corner of my Bible, and my flushed cheeks from walking Bauer in our neighborhood :)

What color are you noticing every time you turn around? And what goodies are you noticing these colors on? xo

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Outfit details: orange polka dot cardigan, gray v-neck tee, peach skinnies (only $12!), gray floral flats — Target

It’s time — our crocheted infinity cowls are back!


indigo skinnies, gray tee, gray tank, leather sandals — Target // pumpkin spice crocheted cowl — my shop

I’m a laid back girl. My wardrobe is super simple, I thank the Lord every day (seriously) that my hair is wavy because me with a curling iron? We are awkward. And I’ve learned to be flexible (this is something having a baby taught me). :) I am in love with simple outfits. Target and Old Navy are my dream stores because I can mix and match so many things without driving all over Los Angeles. And guess what? Lisa Leonard is a style icon for me. She teaches me the good stuff, like when Target has skinnies on clearance and how to pair color with a neutral. I found this indigo pair for $13.98 and you know I snagged up a hot pink pair, too!

To get this look I styled a bright pair of skinnies with two layers of gray, which is helpful with nursing. I also threw on one of our NEW crocheted infinity cowls. We have six amazing colors — click over to the Gussy shop to take a peek? — and I have to tell you, they are perfect. If you are a dressy style girl or if you’re a laid back style girl, these cowls will adapt to you. We’re still offering free domestic shipping inside the Gussy shop, too :)

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