Maxwell and his supervisor.





So, this pretty much sums up our lives right now. Maxwell is into EVERY.THING and basically needs to be supervised at all seconds of every moment. I’ve found that anything cardboard (an empty paper towel roll or an empty bolt of fabric) is super cool in his book, as well as my metal whisk from the kitchen. We have tile on the floor in the kitchen so “oh, a new sound!” is experienced over & over. It’s pretty amazing to be able to experience life through the eyes of a child.

And Bauer, let us not forget about him. Many of you have asked how he’s doing with a baby in the house. I think this sums up his experience with Maxwell, from birth to present: What is “this”? >> He’s crying. >> He came with a squeaky toy? Let’s keep him. >> Give me your squeaky toy. >> HALP! He’s rolling across the floor! >> Is “this” a snake? He’s crawling on his belly really fast. I think he’s going to touch me. >> Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. He’s pulling my fur. >> I like when he drops food on the floor. Let’s keep him. Again.

Life sure is busy these days! :) It makes me appreciate all the small things, from finishing a hot cup of coffee in the morning to seeing my child smile. It’s truly soul-bursting.

Bauer likes to pretend like he’s the supervisor. You should see how he reacts when Maxwell tries to play with his food. I’ll spoil the surprise: Bauer scarfs his food like there isn’t a giant bag of more in the pantry. (Max has never eaten his food, although I know that day is coming. Shudder.) And if Max has something he shouldn’t, like Bauer’s ball or a diaper from the diaper bag, Bauer runs over and (gently) takes it from him. I’m trying to appreciate it, although to be honest it’s kinda frustrating having to maneuver around the dog ;)

But we love Bauer. And we know he loves Maxwell.

And to help life not seem quite so busy, Zack and I have been getting up a bit earlier to try and steal a few quiet minutes together.

Did I mention Maxwell turned 9 months last Thursday?

Oh my. It feels like just yesterday he was born and we were celebrating our first week as a family.

Max brings us joy, daily. And that photo of him doing baby splits (above)? There are no words.

Motherhood is the greatest.

{Life these days…}

Oh for goodness, would you look at that sweet baby bum + squishy lips? Sorry Maxwell. Actually, sorry I’m not sorry! ;) Maxwell is such a dream baby. Even our friends tell me that, even our neighbor friends that come over at random and sit for tea for just a quick minute. It’s true: he is such a gift, such a dream baby. We’re slowly working on napping in the crib instead of the swing. [Maxwell is working on that, not me.]


But overall, everything is moving along just beautifully. Bauer has really calmed down a lot. He’s still very curious about Max although most of the time he just ignores him. The other day I caught Bauer laying on Max’s activity mat, chewing his bone ;)

I’m slowly realizing I have a problem with stripes. It’s a s l o w realization. Who can argue with stripes? They’re fun, they’re colorful, they are the most common print inside my closet. And I see I’ve passed this down to my son… oops! The other day I was chatting with Max while sewing up a sample and the next time I peeked over he was taking a little snooze. SO CUTE! As you can see Maxwell and Mr. Bunny are still the best of pals :)


My mom has been requesting more photos of Bauer, so I better deliver! Her last visit here, which was actually just a week ago, she said she wasn’t sure if we still had Bauer since I never talk about him. That made me so sad! Bauer has been so so good with Max. His very favorite thing to do is observe what’s going on. He likes to give Max’s toes a few good licks, he’s always quick to run to the kitchen when I make a “darn, I dropped something on the floor” sound. Clearly Bauer’s memory is great; mine is still terrible. He remembers plain as day that while I was pregnant that he became my substitute vacuum anytime I dropped a treat on the floor.

Please note the dramatic paw poses…


[Bauer, we love you so much!!!!! Remember when we brought you home?]

Life around the Whitley home has been super steady. Lots of play time with Max, walks with the boys, flower gazing in our neighborhood. We have the best neighbors and we have the loveliest chats with them. Earlier this week I took my first nap since our families left after helping out for 5 weeks. Oh my goodness, it was basically the best nap of my life. The weather has been simply gorgeous and there have been these exotic sounding birds singing all day + night, they are the best white noise when you’re trying to fall asleep. Max has been helping me package up some Gussy goodies to friends and pick out fabric for Gussy Club shipments.

Here I am wearing stripes again…


Ohhhhh, and I almost forgot. I’m working on a special project and just to tease you here’s a photo of what I’m working on:


;D more details coming soon!

So, that’s my recap of life these days. How about you? What’s going on? What are your weekend plans? Anything in the works for the Forth of July? And tell me, when is the last time you took a nap? Please say it was recently, naps really should be mandatory. xo


{Scenes from around our apartment…}




maxwell-coffee-gussy-sews  iced-tea-coffee-gussy-sews


Oh, just a few scenes from around our apartment. I feel like life has been hitting me at full speed, it’s busy and intense and full of yawns. We’ve been on the go for weeks now and I’m starting to slow down. We’re hoping to sneak away for our anniversary this weekend, crossing my fingers we can make it happen. And tonight Max + I are headed south for the VIP opening of a new Land of Nod store :) Back to all those yawns, they are a reminder I can’t keep up like I used to [hello, newborn!]. That’s OK, it’s a good reminder to stop + rest… yes? Yes, definitely yes.

I’ve snapped a few photos to share with you, little snippets of what our days are like — plus a list below of a few things I’m thankful for. When life is this busy it’s important to write down our blessings so we can savor them.


- Good friends that let you just be you. When you talk on the phone you’re able to pick up where you left off :)

- A comfortable couch to rest on at the end of a long day…

- Our small apartment, filled with all the things we need + just a few things we want. There’s simply not room for too many wants, which is such a blessing to us. And honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself of this. Instead, our focus when at home is on the people that fill the rooms: our family + our neighbors [we have amazing neighbors!]

- Handmade in the home. Have you heard of The Tethered Crate?

- Sunshine. Los Angeles gives us a lot of sunshine. Every day I’m able to soak a little up when I take Bauer + Max for a walk, when we run errands, when we chat with our neighbors outside.

- A husband that loves me, and loves me intensely. Yesterday he put a notebook for me to use on the kitchen table [I like to scribble ideas down when I'm away from home] and inside he wrote, “My sweet Maggie, I cherish you.” LOVE!

- New products. Yes, even more new Gussy products. It’s been a slow transition balancing work + mamahood. So when a new idea strikes it has me feeling thankful. I love love love my job; it’s a real blessing to our family.

- Our upcoming anniversary. Five lovely, adventurous years with my Zack…

- A pitcher of iced-tea in the fridge. A new obsession!

/ / / / /

Tell me, what “things” have you in thanks?