What’s your favorite (fiction) book?

books maggie whitley

Reading is one of those pastimes that totally relaxes me yet inspires me, all at the same time. Often when I’m reading my mind trails off and my thoughts jump from one idea to another, but the neat thing is I don’t forget what I’m reading about or lose my spot on the page. I recently finished a book, so I’ve been scanning my bookshelf for something new to read — but I don’t think there’s anything in there I haven’t read. So I’d love to know: do you have any book recommendations for me?

Some books I’ve read recently (and loved):

Nesting Place

A Million Little Ways

Chasing God

Blog, Inc.

Bread & Wine

I really enjoy reading fiction; romance novels aren’t really my thing. I think my favorite is a book that leaves me feeling inspired and challenged, with a twist of hope woven throughout :) Also, a lot of the fiction books that Target carries are totally my kind of read. Makes perfect sense, right? Thanks in advance for sharing a title or two!

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PS. some of my favorite indie biz books!

How to sew a fanny pack.

fanny pack maggie whitley

I recently had the opportunity to sew a fanny pack.

Oh yes, that’s right.

And while at first I was totally disabled over how to actually sew it (I like to over-complicate the process (don’t ask me why)), I had a light-bulb moment one afternoon and realized I could take my template for a Gussy Sews pouch and modify it.

Genius :)

fanny pack maggie whitley

And guess what I discovered? It was way more fun than I thought it would be. The thought of sewing a fanny pack used to scared me, but now — when I think about actually sewing a fanny pack — I realize it was just the challenge I needed.

A simple zip closure, an adjustable belt that ties around the hip for a quirky, knotted look. And of course a Caroline-made suede tag. The finished pouch measures about 8″ x 5″. It’s so cute!

fanny pack maggie whitley

I’m still beaming over sewing this. Seeing my collection of fabric scattered across my work table, turning on my sewing machine, the challenge of sewing something for someone else just because — it was totally amazing. It filled my need to create right to the brim.

Looking at these photos I’m reminded of my favorite quote, “inspiration is all around you.”

And to that I say, amen.

Black paint and a Friday afternoon.


Last week I spent some time working on a few projects for myself. Even though I really wanted to take an afternoon nap. Even though I knew it would be a bit of work to get everything out and set up. Even though I knew at some point during my project Max would wake up and craft time would be over. I sort of had to force myself to start on this project, but to be totally honest it was super rewarding. And dare I say this: I felt almost as refreshed as I do when I take a nap. I’m super close to having the nursery finally decorated (when we moved our bed to the living room and made the bedroom the nursery/play room there was suddenly a lot of empty wall space), and it’s so exciting. What I’m learning is small changes can have big impact! It’s great.

And, the giant world map I’ve been searching for has arrived, so that’s another hooray! shouted from moi. I ordered this world map from National Geographic (they are on sale right now for 40%-off) and I love how big it is.

PS. Any guesses what I was painting?