Our next BIG (little) adventure…

baby bump maggie whitley

baby bump maggie whitley

…begins now! Zack and I are beyond ecstatic to share that our family is growing and come October we’ll be holding a newborn baby. Yesterday was a very special Mother’s Day for our family as we anticipate a baby boy or baby girl, due to arrive late October. We didn’t find out Maxwell’s gender until he was born and we are doing the same with this babe. So exciting! I’ll be 16 weeks on Wednesday. Thank you for celebrating with our family! xoxo ((girl screams))

Let’s chat about being brave.

Years ago my dreams revolved around my career, which is how I defined myself as a young twenty-something married lady. But I can’t help myself and think of this quote by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

I’ve challenged myself with the world of handmade for years. New goals, new processes, new ways of refinement. I had huge goals and most often felt like I was sitting on the edge of my seat, just the tiniest bit scared of these dreams of mine.

A handful of years have passed since Zack and I got married, and I’ll be 30 next summer ((yeow!)) — so naturally things have changed in terms of my dreams.

We now have a family and almost two years ago we relocated from the Midwest to Los Angeles, so it’s totally normal for things to have shifted a bit. Right? Even though it’s (once again) a tiny bit scary, I’m giving myself grace in this area.

My focus has shifted and I’m more aware of the people in my family; how can I nurture them and continue to grow into the woman I am? Being brave can be scary, but also exciting!


Something else I’ve learned these last few years is I don’t enjoy anymore making super defined, advanced plans. I used to enjoy this, way too much. But now — and I think this is the evolution of moving so frequently in a short amount of time (5 times in 6 years) and totally being swept off my feet as each new adventure starts — I find more beauty in sitting back and soaking up the now, instead of always anticipating the future.

We’re not even guaranteed tomorrow, so why spend all of today’s thoughts on tomorrow?


In January I picked a word that I wanted to reflect on throughout the entire year: Brave. It takes courage to be brave, doesn’t it? It takes a brave soul to try something new, a soul that knows where her treasures are (in heaven).

When we are brave enough to say, “let’s do this”, we allow the unexpected to bless us because we don’t have our noses pressed downward in fear.

And then lastly, another thing I’ve learned this year is that being brave has given me more moments of mamahood. I’m catching them more often, and my goodness it’s filling my heart right up.

A weekend in the mountains.

















We are home from an instantly fun weekend in the mountains, and I’m honestly not sure who is more tired right now: Zack and I, Bauer or the babe. We’re all pretty whooped. Camping, you sure know how to make your own fun (yeow!).

We left Los Angeles mid-afternoon on Friday and arrived at our camping destination just as dusk began to set. Good thing, because the rain had started to fall (really, rain?!) and our tent needed to be pitched and the Jeep unpacked. We were able to hang with our friends for a tiny bit before running off to our own tents for the evening. The rain came down hard, and Zack was such a champion, cooking our hotdogs while I set up our giant family bed. (Boy, that was an experience.)

All week I prepared to leave town for the weekend. Even though there was a lot of last-minute work to do, I was making my list and keeping at it each day, and truly counting down until we could leave the city. It’s been almost six years since Zack and I have had a vacation, so our weekend away in the mountains was refreshing in so many ways. I felt like we were on set of The Sound of Music, the mountains were lush with greens and the sky bright blue. The air was cold but the sun was hot. And as I write this Zack says to me, “I can tell you washed your hair.” I asked him what what meant and he said something like, “your hair is more… tame.” Ha! Apparently the “no shampoo for 3 days” look was a little wild for him.

And Bauer… oh my, Bauer. Let’s just say he was the first to get a bath last night. He LOVED being in the mountains and I have to admit, so did I. There’s something so special about getting away and reconnecting with your family, sans electronics :)

We didn’t do much, and we didn’t talk about much. We were simply “in the mountains” for the weekend.

And I can’t wait to go back.