October baby bundle giveaways: $880+ in prizes

October is a very special month! Not only does it signify a change in seasons but the 29th is our estimated due date for Baby #2, and I’m already sooooooooooooo excited! This past weekend we finished up some big projects around our apartment that will help us ease into a family of four. It’s a wonderful feeling :)

We also have TWO baby themed giveaway bundles for our Maggie Whitley Designs community, starting today, totaling over $880 in prizes. Our 16 sponsors have donated some fantastic items, sure to spoil two of you! See below for the bundles & entry details.

BABY BUNDLE #1: 1. Baby Carrier We from BabyBjörn, $139.95 value // 2. Bow Tie Onsie from Pea Pods Boutique, $15 value // 3. Welcome Baby Banner from Hawthorne Ave Arts & Vintage, $30 value // 4. Lovey, Bib and Burpcloth Set from Delva B. Tree, $30 value // 5. Fabric Keychain from Studio Risa, $25 value // 6. 75 Thank You Cards with Envelopes from Small Moments, $75 value // 7. $25 gift card to Little Sapling Toys, $25 value // 8. Sweet Dreams Pillow from Drawstring Studio, $22 value // 9. Siblings Shirt from E & LuLu, $26.95 value // 10. Dear Baby Journal from Paper + Spark, $32 value. TOTAL BUNDLE VALUE: $421

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BABY BUNDLE #2: 1. Hooded Baby Towel from Little Lily Bamboo, $38 value // 2. 10 Custom Bun in the Oven Announcements from Little Elephant Crafts, $70 value // 3. Bunny Blankie from Running Wild Designs, $26 value // 4. Baby Bib from Bella and Tate, $10 value // 5. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Spark of Amber, $21.99 value // 6. Purely Yours® Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump from Ameda, $299 value. TOTAL BUNDLE VALUE: $465

To enter the giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter entries below. None of the entry options are required so please keep an eye out for the entry options that don’t require social media, there are many :) One winner for each bundle will be selected at random and notified via email. Please note: both giveaways are open to US residents only. Good luck!

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Thank you for supporting the shops that help support me and my family.

What every pregnant woman wants to know…

popsicle maggie whitley

Whenever I’m pregnant I get a little nervous about having weird cravings. You know the ones: pickles and ice-cream, cookies and ketchup, french fries dipped in mayonnaise. I mean, for a large part of my day I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat next. (What?) During those first few weeks I really dread eating, but for the majority of my pregnancy I think about food and cravings and small meals and snacks in my purse.

And so I wonder if I’ll ever have a so-called weird craving. (So far: no.) And really, isn’t that what every pregnant woman secretly wants to know about the pregnant gal next door?

Have you had any strange pregnancy cravings? Normal cravings? Are any of you brave enough to admit what you’ve been eating? Even though I haven’t had any weird cravings, I’m only halfway through this pregnancy so there’s plenty of time for them to show up.

What I crave the most is a big bowl of cereal, juicy fruit, ice-cream, popsicles, cookies & milk, and any pairing that involves a combination of cheese/salt/crunch. And yes these are the same cravings I had with Maxwell. Makes me wonder if baby #2 is a little girl or a little boy.

So I’d love to know, what are your pregnancy cravings? (Don’t be shy, fill me in on what I’m missing — wink!)

How we created Maxwell’s nursery nook.


Long before we moved to California (and by long I mean weeks, because really that’s how quickly we decided to move), I realized we weren’t going to have a traditional, separate nursery for our firstborn. The main reason is due to the change in our cost of living (umm, it skyrocketed). But that makes it sound so negative. Moving to Los Angeles presented us with a few limitations, but they’ve challenged us to be creative and revise our perspective — so that’s a big positive :) I think Zack and I are better people for moving; we’ve definitely learned so much.

Since I was pregnant when we moved here we were looking for an apartment with a large bedroom so it could double as the nursery. We knew looking for a 2 bedroom apartment just wasn’t feasible. (Folks, we’re not in the Midwest anymore.) So, we revised our perspective and greeted our new life in California with open hands. We found a cute little apartment to call home and promptly moved in.

Then in September 2013 we moved to a slightly larger apartment, and that’s where we currently are. You can see Maxwell’s first nursery nook here, and a few photos of our current apartment are found here). Thankfully our 2 Los Angeles apartments have always had great storage. Although… our new place is kind of a storage lover’s dream come true!

Anyhow. Having lived in a 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with a baby for almost a year now, I wanted to share with you a few tips that helped us create a nursery nook for Maxwell.

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How we play together.









Maxwell is well into his seventh month of loving life, and it’s amazing. Sometimes I miss the newborn stage and how sleepy and extra cuddly he was, but when I think about what life is like now I don’t miss anything about the past :) At least not for too long! He’s still sleepy and cuddly, but he’s so much more now — he’s playful!

Now that he’s sitting and “rocking” and rolling from left to right, right to left, he’s so much more fun. And if you haven’t noticed, he’s so much more expressive! (Oh, the eyebrows.) I love every bit of personality Maxwell is showing us. Seeing him smile makes me smile, from deep inside my soul.

When I became a mama on March 12th, God gifted me with something indescribable. It’s a feeling, a knowing, a heart stirring. It’s blissful.

Throughout the day, Maxwell and I play together. We now have luxe carpet in our bedroom — which is so nice since half of it is Max’s nursery. We put a small white cabinet in there, which is perfect for blankets, pacifiers and burp cloths, as well as small books and wooden toys for playing.

We play peek-a-boo, “mommy loves you”, we read stories, we sing songs. All day long we are playing — whether on the floor, on the couch or in my favorite mustard chair :)  Sometimes I just stare at him and suddenly my eyes are brimming with tears. I’m so grateful to be his mama.

Playing with our infant son requires me to be flexible, so wearing comfortable clothes helps mucho much. We’re on the second floor in our new apartment so I’m also carrying a baby stroller up and down the steps, as well as chasing a pup around. It’s fun ;)

Albian Fit is a clothing line that features comfortable day and athletic wear. A couple months ago they sent me these charcoal leggings, this coral zip with ruffle accent trim, this flowy tank in lavender, and this long sleeve crew shirt in pool. I’ve been wearing their items since, and they get two thumbs up from Gussy.

Keep reading for details on how to win a $100 gift card to their online shop!

One of the beautiful things about our brand is that there truly isn’t an “ideal” customer- our swimsuits and workout wear outfits high school girls, 20-something students and professionals, young mothers, middle-aged women, and women in their 60’s and beyond! With classic styles, flattering shapes, and the right trending touches, our items really suit every age, Kate from Albion Fit

Albion Fit has a really fun selection of women’s fitness and swimwear items, along with workout clothing. All of their clothing colors are in such relaxing hues, so even when you’re at home you can still feel good about what you have on. My thoughts: carrying a baby stroller up a flight of stairs (twice a day, ahem) and dancing in the living room with our baby boy (who has the cutest, chubbiest of legs) is way better than an “official” workout class on my calendar ;)

One more thing — Albion Fit is offering all Gussy Sews readers $20 off a $100+ order. Simply use code GUSSY20 at checkout to save twenty bucks instantly!

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