On admitting something really embarrassing.



It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I last made something for myself, and an even more embarrassingly long time since I last sewed something for myself. Our Christmas tree skirt this year? I wrapped a bath towel around the base of the tree and then draped 2.25 yards of fabric over top. (And you know what? It looks gorgeous and voluminous and I saved myself about 45 minutes of designing, cutting and sewing a custom tree skirt :) Hey, works for me!)

But I’ve definitely missed sewing something for myself. One night (last week? who can keep track of time anymore when you have a nearly-crawling infant) Zack was working late so I used the excuse of a quiet house with all the space I wanted to spread out and sew. And sew I did! I grabbed this sewing book, a couple cuts of fabric, my pins, a bunch of strap material and a fancy gold zipper. It felt amazing to create something just for fun. My free time right now is super limited, so it made me appreciate this evening of creativity all the more. I’m sure you feel the same way, right?

What have you made for yourself recently that totally fueled you?

Do you want to see more photos of this bag? Perfect, because I am really, realllllly excited to share them soon :)

Happy Friday!


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    I crochet… a lot! I finally made myself a pair of fingerless gloves. So fun to design and create something with myself in mind {although I admit, I love to make things with other people in mind… imagining what they’ll look like in it, what color would look best, etc}

    Good job taking time for yourself! :)


    Gussy Reply:

    @Heather, why is it so hard for us to treat ourselves? :)


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    with two little kiddos, I definitely understand the lack of free time! It can be so theraputic to do something for ourselves, something we love doing :)


    Gussy Reply:

    @Meg, oh man, if it’s not the baby getting into something it’s the dog… and vice versa! ;D


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    Teresa says

    Last month I participated in NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month), a month-long challenge to write a 50,000 word novel. Terrified but with no pressure other than my own satisfaction, I did it!!! I knew I had it in me, and it feel so good to say I did it all on my own gumption (with support from friends and sweet husband, of course). Super cute bag, btw. :)


    Gussy Sews Reply:

    @Teresa, oh my GOODNESS — that is amazing!!!!!! Go Teresa, go! :) So, what is your novel about?


    Teresa Reply:

    @Gussy Sews, Thanks, Maggie! Here’s the short synopsis….thanks for asking!! After Christmas, it’s time for a first edit!!

    Olivia “Livy” Johnson finds herself at a crossroads. Her ambitions to be a thriving artist in New York City have proved disappointing, leaving her with a broken heart and uninspired future. At her darkest moment, she discovers the quaint home of her beloved (long since deceased) grandmother deep in the heart of a small North Carolina mountain town is up for sale — and left in a state of disrepair. In an uncharacteristic move, she buys the home and returns to the town that holds so many dear memories, vowing to pour her efforts into restoring the home to its original charm and beauty. But as Livy meets hired handyman Jack Bowden, she begins to wonder if she’s back in Laurel Cove for another reason entirely.


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    mrskesh says

    This is such a cute bag…and such a great little hint at making sure we pay attention to ourselves. Strap that little one to you and keep it movin ;-) I enjoy your blogs! Keep having sew, sew, much fun!



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