25 weeks baby bump.

baby bump maggie whitley

I have a pregnancy secret! Wearing a watermelon-colored lip stain has made me feel like a million bucks. I have always wanted to try out a darker pink shade, and honestly since first wearing it a few days ago I’ve kinda worn it everyday since. I feel like it brightens my entire mood, which makes me feel less tired (mentally), chipper and dare I say… sassy.

I’ll be sharing more on the exact lip stain I’m wearing in an upcoming post, but know this: when you feel something you are more likely to exude it. Love that.


We’re on the hunt for a wooden dresser for the nursery. Something to hold Maxwell’s toddler clothes and new baby’s newborn clothes. And I kinda wish one would just magically appear in our home so I can start washing all of the cute neutral-colored newborn onsies and blankets and sleepers. Hello, nesting phase. OH MY GOODNESS, newborns are just the best!


Maxwell calls everyone’s belly button/tummy a “bay-beeee”. It’s so adorable, but also a little nerve-wrecking. So far he’s limited “everyone” to just Zack and I, so we can laugh about it while we sip our morning coffee at home. But I know one day soon he’s going to say that to a stranger. Any advice? (awkward giggle)

baby bump maggie whitley

So far we’ve made it through all our doctor appointments without the baby’s gender accidentally being revealed. I know in the past I’ve been certain I feel, “we’re having a boy!”. Then one week my feelings switched to, “we’re having a girl!” And now I’m confident I just don’t know. Really, the only thing I know is this baby is a strong kicker (and we’ll be delighted with either gender).

Also, this baby loves food, and whenever I eat (which is often, ha ha) the kicks become crazyyyyyyy.


What I’m wearing: foil hearts tank c/o Asos, maternity bermuda jean shorts from Old Navy, braided sandals (similar) from Target, glasses are RX.

This is my first time wearing Asos and I have to share, I’m loving their maternity line. Their tops are lightweight (easy for layering, too) and super reasonably priced. And just for fun, a few additional Asos shirts I love: this daisy tanktop, this boat neck striped top, and this jersey and chiffon contrast top.

Asos offers free shipping both ways when you spend $25 or more.

Oh, and thank you for all the feedback on nursing tops last week!

What’s your favorite (fiction) book?

books maggie whitley

Reading is one of those pastimes that totally relaxes me yet inspires me, all at the same time. Often when I’m reading my mind trails off and my thoughts jump from one idea to another, but the neat thing is I don’t forget what I’m reading about or lose my spot on the page. I recently finished a book, so I’ve been scanning my bookshelf for something new to read — but I don’t think there’s anything in there I haven’t read. So I’d love to know: do you have any book recommendations for me?

Some books I’ve read recently (and loved):

Nesting Place

A Million Little Ways

Chasing God

Blog, Inc.

Bread & Wine

I really enjoy reading fiction; romance novels aren’t really my thing. I think my favorite is a book that leaves me feeling inspired and challenged, with a twist of hope woven throughout :) Also, a lot of the fiction books that Target carries are totally my kind of read. Makes perfect sense, right? Thanks in advance for sharing a title or two!

(Affiliate links included.)

PS. some of my favorite indie biz books!

24 weeks baby bump.

baby bump maggie whitley

baby bump maggie whitley

baby bump maggie whitley

Aaaaand, we’re back in action with the baby bump updates. And this week Max is joining in :) The biggest update for this week is that Baby #2 is now kicking nonstop, so hard some times that my belly jumps and you can see it. With my second pregnancy I feel like the baby’s movement is more frequent, which is super fun. Feeling kicks is such a precious part of pregnancy. It’s unlike anything else. Something else I’m noticing is the extreme tiredness I felt in the first trimester –it’s found its way back into my life. It’ll be mid-day and you can find me yawning while talking, ha.

I’ve begun making a few changes to our lifestyle to accommodate my growing bump, like pulling the stroller up the staircase one step at a time, instead of carrying it. Things definitely feel different this time around (bigger, hungrier, sore, and all quicker) and I’m basically on the edge of my seat, curious whether baby #2 is a little girl or little boy. In four weeks I’ll be in my final trimester and there aren’t really words to describe how that feels… aside from “that’s pretty awesome” :)

Let’s talk about clothing for a minute! I’m on the lookout for a jersey skirt sewing tutorial that will fit a baby bump. My pre-pregnancy shorts still fit me but come late-afternoon they get uncomfortable, and fast. If you know of any tutorials would you leave a link below in the comments? The skirt I’m wearing here isn’t maternity but it’s pretty stretchy in the waist therefore it’s SO VERY COMFORTABLE. I’m also searching for a couple supplemental nursing shirts and/or cardigan wraps. This time around I’ll have a cute toddler boy to keep my eyes on while nursing, so I’m looking for some extra clothing that’ll keep me covered but will give me quick/easy access. Do you have any favorite nursing pieces? 

So that’s it! :) I’m really feeling great and the weeks are seriously going by lightening fast.

Oh, and PS. the cravings will not stop (what does that even mean???).