35 weeks baby bump.

35 weeks bump maggie whitley

35 weeks bump maggie whitley

35 weeks bump maggie whitley

35 weeks bump maggie whitley

We’re in the home stretch! Only five weeks to go (hopefully I won’t deliver 10 days overdue like with Maxwell, but we shall see…) and I’m definitely counting down. Like, for real counting down. I’m sure it’s mostly because I have a 34″ sidekick with me during the day, but I’m so so tired this time around. Seems like one week I have a lot of energy and then the following week brings exhaustion. It’s a little crazy how diverse I feel each week.

Because I’m so far along (and my bump feels huuuuuge), my wardrobe pretty much revolves around the question, What is the comfiest outfit I can wear today? ;) Plus, it’s been super warm in Los Angeles! We finally have A/C in our cozy apartment so I’ve been wearing some pieces of my fall wardrobe just so I can wear a few of my most comfortable pieces! Ha.

We’re going to wait a couple more weeks before fully setting up the nursery. Our parents fly in the end of October (we’ll set up another bed for them in there, and we’ll move the heirloom cradle out to the living room). Aside from that there’s not much that has to be done, only wants and wishes. And, next week I start my weekly OB appointments!

Yesterday I bought a couple knotted newborn hats from Little Hip Squeaks (coral & mint) — I can’t wait for them to arrive. They’ll be going in our hospital bag for sure :) I read the other day in my weekly What to Expect pregnancy updates that the baby is about 18″ long and just over 5 lbs. Learning what’s happening on the inside makes me smile so big. It brings an extra dose of baby love!

Since this is my second pregnancy, I’m anticipating the delivery and my postpartum comfort. I’m definitely nervous to try for a VBAC (although this is something we’ve been planning with my OB all along), and I’m already thinking about my postpartum clothes. Do you have any postpartum clothing favorites? I ordered a couple pairs of these jogger pants (strawberry pink & iron heather) but I’d like to get a few new tops. What I have in mind is something nursing-friendly, but still cute/semi-fitted and full of color — any recommendations?

PS. what I’m wearing: leggings c/o Albion Fit, gray top c/o Asos, white BeBand from Target, classic sandals from Old Navy

Preparing for a new chapter of mamahood…

maxwell tiger maggie whitley

The days where it’s just Max and I at home are dwindling fast. We’re down to about 35 days; even typing that brings an overwhelming rush of emotions.

I remember so so clearly the day we brought Maxwell home from the hospital, the day Zack went back to work, the day our families went back to Michigan. Each day was a stepping stone towards it being just Max and I at home together (with Bauer, of course!). And we’ve done so well, just Max and I :)

Most of our day is spent doing something together. He’ll play by himself for a few minutes, then he’s off to find me. He’s constantly curious to know what I’m doing, and he absolutely loves when we do something together.

The heirloom baby cradle is set up and tucked into a corner of the nursery, waiting to be filled with weight. Once Baby #2 is born we’ll bring it to the living room next to our bed, but for now it’s across from Max’s crib in the nursery.

But even though I do most of the talking about the baby joining our family “very soon”, it’s almost like Max can feel it, too — in his own 18-month-old way. He wants to be held multiple times each hour, which I can’t do as often (per my OB). Instead, we snuggle and read together on the couch during the day and at night for bedtime lullabies.

Just like when he nursed for the last time and I cried knowing that chapter was over, Max will be a big brother soon and once again we’ll be turning another page in our book. These are all healthy (but hard) changes, definitely something to cherish as life continues to circle and the pages continue to turn.

Maxwell may not be “a baby” anymore, but he’ll always be my baby. And watching him grow from baby to little boy is seriously so amazing. Life is transforming before my eyes, in more ways than one.

Becoming a mama has revised me into the richest and fullest version of my self.

Mamahood is my best story to tell, but also my most untold story, and it is perfect imperfection.

Friday inspiration…

let your smile change the world maggie whitley

It’s been pretty quiet around here this week. Nothing super specific came to mind, so I let the quiet slip in. It feels good to have the confidence to do that :)

This past week I stumbled on this quote while scrolling IG. It reminds me of my time at home with Maxwell — and soon Baby #2! If there’s anything I hope accomplish before each day ends it’s that I want my children to know how much happiness they bring me. It’s easy to stop teaching, praising, encouraging them because we think we’ve done it enough times already, but these three things make their little souls come alive.

Last week I had a conversation with my friend Ruth and she said, “next to loving the Lord you could not influence Max more than to be joyful like you are. He will be remembering your smile as his greatest comfort.”

So simple, powerful and true! 

So that’s my Friday inspiration for you. Want even to read more inspiring words from Ruth? Check out this post and this post. I love reading her archives, there’s so much wisdom in there. xoxo

Art credit is A Little Bundle.

“Zest for your nest” — a giveaway with Gingiber!

It’s Monday again, which always happens as the result of a fun, full weekend.

Monday’s used to not feel very fun, but now I look forward to their “welcome back to routine”, and today for extra good reasons :) Our XL sponsor this month is Gingiber. I’ve admired Stacie for years (literally) and we even have a custom illustration of Bauer (below). It hangs in our nursery since Maxwell and Bauer are the best of pals. But the illustration is more than art to me — it’s a lovely reminder of just how well handmade connects us.

bauer illustration gingiber maggie whitley

I’m very excited for you to get to know Stacie (and her creative process) through our interview below, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post. She’s offering a 4-pack Safari print bundle to one Maggie Whitley Designs reader :)

* * *

gingiber feature maggie whitley

“Hi, I am Stacie. I am a mother of 2 (soon to be 3), trying to find the balance between running a growing small business and caring for my family. I create animal-themed illustrations and sell my work on art prints, pillows, tea towels & greeting cards. I recently started licensing my artwork with companies like the Land of Nod and iPop! I am 28 years old and just relocated back to Springdale, AR so that my husband could start his first tenure track faculty position! My life is always in motion, and I love it!”

“I would encourage my fellow makers to make products that they adore. Don’t just follow the trends. If you love your products, believe in what you are doing, and put in a lot of time perfecting your craft, I think that you will find success. I would also encourage you to not look around and compare yourself to other makers. I stay off of Pinterest for that very reason! The visual stimulation can be overwhelming and let self-doubt creep in. Comparison is often called the thief of joy, and it is so true! Keep your head down, find passion & joy in what you do, and surround yourself with a circle of encouraging makers!”

gingiber feature maggie whitley

“I am inspired by color and patterns. I often look to vintage quilt patterns for inspiration when I am starting a new project. I am also inspired by my kids. For instance, my daughter’s favorite animal right now is a bunny, and I find myself sketching bunnies by the dozen!”

“I find that when the days are long, I make a big to-do list and try to knock through the items as systematically as possible. I would love to have more days filled with simply sketching and being creative, but lately I have been putting in a lot of time doing the manual labor portions of Gingiber, such as sorting calendar pages or cutting out pillow patterns. So, having a to-do list keeps me on task.”

gingiber feature maggie whitley

“Balance? What is that? Kidding. But seriously, my husband is such a huge supporter of my business, and often you will find my whole family up at the studio working and playing together. I am in a busy season of life, having just moved to a new state, my husband starting a new job, and my kids starting school. So we squeeze in together time whenever possible, even if it means eating dinner at the office, or a quick weekend getaway. Sure, the lines are blurred between work time and family time, but right now we are making it work.”

gingiber feature maggie whitley

gingiber feature maggie whitley

* * *

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